Searching the Water Register

To obtain water share information you can carry out a search of the Water Register by visiting the search facilities located at Land Use Victoria, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

You can also get a Copy of Record of a water share from the Water Register website.

Alternatively you can place an order online through Titles, Property Certificates and Crown Land Status and complete a water search.

To carry out a search or to order water-related documents you will need information to identify the documents as follows:

Water Share Record - e.g. WEE123456 and/or
Water Register Document - e.g. MOR654321

You can also engage the services of a professional searcher listed under 'Title Searchers' in the Yellow Pages .

Fees apply for a search of the Water Register.

For more information about searching the Water Register go to Frequently asked questions.

Page last reviewed on 31 October 2016

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