Victorian Water Registrar

The Victorian Water Registrar has legal responsibility for the Water Register, which was implemented for northern Victorian regulated systems on 1 July 2007, and declared water systems in southern Victoria on 1 July 2008.

Use the links below for information about recording water share transactions, including transfers, mortgages, limited term transfers and discharges of mortgage.  You can lodge your water share transaction using a form approved by the Registrar and search the Water Register. 

To get copies of individual water share records, find out about the distribution of entitlements by water systems and trading zones, and get information about trading rules and trades that have occurred, you need the Water Register website.

The Water Register is the public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. It records:

  • who has been issued with water shares and the reliability, tenure, location and holding in megalitres (ML) for each water share
  • how much water has been allocated against water shares, how much has been used, and where it was used
  • registered interests in water shares, such as mortgages and leases.

It also provides summary reports on volume of water shares in each water system, annual allocation, use and the trading history, including average prices for each water system.

The Victorian Water Register

Information about the public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. This link will take you from this site to the Water Register website.

Lodging a transaction with the Water Registrar

Information on how to lodge a transaction of your water share.

Searching the Water Register

Information on searching the Water Register in person or online.

Water Registrar forms, guides and fees
Water Registrar approved forms for lodging a water share transaction, guides to completing forms and Water Register fees.

Victorian Water Registrar fees

Fees relating to lodging a transaction with the Water Registrar and for conducting a search of the register.

For Water Registrar fees and fees related to water shares and water allocations, go to the Water Register website.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers associated with the role of the Victorian Water Registrar.

Page last reviewed on 11 March 2015

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