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The primary role of the Victorian Government Land Monitor (VGLM) is to provide government with an assurance of accountability and integrity in land transactions. It must ensure that transactions are legal, are in the public interest, and provide best results for government. To achieve this outcome, agencies are required to obtain VGLM approval to conduct transactions. The VGLM operates within the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Victorian Government Land Monitor responsibilities include:

  • Administration, review and maintenance of this policy and instructions.
  • Promotion of best practice in land transactions.
  • Ensuring that land is sold either by public process or by a process approved by the GLM.
  • Provision of authoritative advice on land-related matters to the Minister.
  • Promotion of, and participation in, improvements to legislation affecting land transactions or compensation.
  • Provision of assistance in mediation and litigation.
  • Providing assistance in project facilitation.

What transactions require the approval of the VGLM

When an agency proposes to purchase, compulsorily acquire or sell land, or to grant or take an option over land, VGLM approval must be obtained:

  • where the amount of the transaction is $750,000 or more;
  • where the land is part of a project or where the land being offered for sale or being purchased or compulsorily acquired, comprises two or more properties/parcels/allotments/ titles amounting in total to $750,000 or more;
  • in circumstances of compulsory acquisition of land where the compensation is $750,000 or more;
  • in circumstances of compensation payable pursuant to thePlanning and Environment Act 1987 where the compensation is $750,000 or more;
  • in circumstances of a transaction conducted under the Land Act 1958 where the consideration if $750,000 or more;
  • where it is proposed to grant or take an option over land which has a market value of $750,000 or more;
  • where directed by the Minister;
  • where there is a proposed change to a previous approval of the VGLM;
  • where the land is proposed to be sold by private treaty, the sale requires the approval of the Minister irrespective of value (refer to section 4.4 of VGLM Policy - see below);
  • for trade sales, sales of infrastructure assets and state-owned enterprises involving land in accordance with section 6.6 of VGLM Policy - see below.

Unless special arrangements have been made with the VGLM, there must be no unconditional commitment or agreement, including 'without prejudice' offers, before approval for a transaction is obtained from the VGLM. In disputed matters which are before a court or tribunal or the subject of mediation or arbitration, an agency may make an offer conditional upon obtaining VGLM approval of that offer.

Victorian Government Land Monitor Publications

For further information regarding valuation requirements for the purchase, compulsory acquisition and sale of land, please refer to the publication below

Note: This publication is under review - the thresholds contained within this policy document were revised by the Minister for Planning on 1 July 2013. The threshold for transactions requiring VGLM approval is now $750,000 (exclusive of GST), or more. The thresholds for Valuer-General Valuations have also been revised. All valuations to be relied upon for the purchase or sale of land for the determination of compensation are to be obtained from Valuer-General Victoria. For transactions where the value of land is $750,000 or more, two valuations are required. For further information or inquiries please contact the VGLM on the phone number below.

Contact the Victorian Government Land Monitor

Victorian Government Land Monitor
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