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Work on the 2014 revaluation is underway. The 2014 revaluation is the eighth since biennial valuations were introduced in 2000. All properties across the state are valued as at the same date (1 January) every two years.

The Valuation of Land Act 1960 provides for either councils or the Valuer-General (if a council opts to transfer its authority) to manage and deliver the valuation.

The Valuer-General is also responsible for establishing and maintaining a valuation record of general and supplementary valuations.

For more information on the changes please visit the Valuer-General as valuation authority webpage.

2014 Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines

The Valuation Best Practice (VBP) Specifications Guidelines assist councils to prepare documents for biennial revaluations. The guidelines provide templates and information for councils to:

  • prepare a contract for valuation and related services
  • manage the contract
  • improve the quality of valuations and property databases
  • better define the relationship between the council, the valuer and Valuer-General Victoria.

The guidelines are reviewed after each revaluation and amended where appropriate after consultation with councils and valuation industry groups.

Amendment to 2014 Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines

Amendments to the Valuation of Land Act 1960 (the Act) came into effect on 14 May 2014.  The amendments to the Valuation Best Practice Specification Guidelines in section 2(1) are specified under a new section 5AA, which sets out the requirements for the preparation, publication and amendment of the Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines.

According to Section 5AA(4) the Valuer General can make amendments to Valuation Best Practice Specification Guidelines during the biennial revaluation. The Valuer-General can address any technical and administrative matters that have arisen in the implementation of Valuation Best Practice Specification Guidelines and make any necessary amendments to ensure areas of uncertainty can be addressed at the point they are identified.

Pursuant to Section 5AA(4) the Valuer-General hereby provides notice of the following amendment to Valuation Best Practice Specification Guidelines 2014. 

Amended Appendix B Australian Valuation Property Classification Codes (AVPCC) (XLSX, 50.5 KB, 1 p.)

I.    Nature of amendment

  • Introduction of new AVPCCs.
  • Amendment to AVPCC definition/s.
  • Introduction of a description associated with an AVPCC.
  • Introduction of additional sub classifications i.e. decimal place codes.

II.    Reason for the amendment

The AVPCC in addition to Site Value, Capital Improved Value and Net Annual Value forms part of every valuation in accordance with the VL Act.   The Valuer-General has undertaken a review of 2014 VBP AVPCCs. The review has also considered feedback from valuation authorities, valuers and stakeholders during the 2014 general valuation. The review identified a number of areas that made it necessary to amend the 2014 VBP AVPCCs. These included:

  • The absence of an AVPCC tertiary code for particular land uses, e.g. Solar Electricity Generation new AVPCC 626.
  • The absence of sub classifications within the tertiary codes to allow additional sub classifications for particular land uses, e.g. Retarding Basin new AVPCC  638.5.
  • Clarification of ambiguity in the definition of an AVPCC and application of consistent and more appropriate terms, e.g. 110 Detached Home amended to Detached Dwelling.
  • Provision of a description in addition to the AVPCC definition to further assist  valuers define the most appropriate land use when allocating an AVPCC.
    For example AVPCC 142 Aged Care Complex  Description:  Land developed with a registered care facility that provides residential accommodation and care services for people, particularly the elderly who can no longer live independently.

The changes provide more scope and clarity in a practical way to attain improvement and consistency when allocating an AVPCC and in the quality of valuations.

III.    Date from when the amendment is effective 1 July 2014

External Valuation Report Templates

The 2014 Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines require valuers to submit reports and information to the Valuer-General at designated stages during the revaluation program.

Templates and spreadsheets have been developed to assist valuers prepare these submissions.

Templates for the 2014 revaluation are available below.

If you have any questions regarding the VBP Specifications or the templates, please email or telephone Stephen Jarvis (Deputy Valuer-General, Rating Authority Valuations) on (03) 8636 2578 or Terry Maguire (Manager, Certification, Rating Authority Valuations) on (03) 8636 2571.

Who's who in VBP 2014

The following lists the respective Contract Managers and Principal Valuer contact for all municipalities in Victoria.

Revaluation 2014 fact sheets

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