Council valuations

A revaluation is completed in each of Victoria's 79 municipalities every two years. Up-to-date council valuations ensure equity in property-based council rates, land tax assessments and the fire services property levy.

These revaluations are returned by a valuation authority that is either a municipal council or the Valuer-General (if a council has opted to transfer its revaluation responsibility to the Valuer-General).

Revaluations in Victoria are completed in accordance with statewide Valuation Best Practice Specifications which are updated by VGV for each revaluation.

VGV oversees all revaluations, provides advice to councils on valuation methodologies and ensures council valuers apply uniform standards across the state.

The Valuer-General also certifies all revaluations to ensure they have been completed according to the required standards.

Under the Valuation of Land Act 1960, councils have the option to nominate the Valuer-General as the responsible authority for completing their municipal revaluations. To date, 18 councils have transferred responsibility for their revaluations.

You can find more detailed information about revaluation in VGV's series of fact sheets. These fact sheets are updated for each revaluation.

The Valuation Record 

The Valuer-General holds a record of statewide valuation data.

The Valuer-General provides certified valuation data from the Valuation Record to other rating authorities, including the State Revenue Office and water authorities, who use it to levy ad valorem charges.

Practice Notes

Supreme Court decisions


All Acts of Parliament relating to valuations, including but not limited to the Valuation of Land Act 1960, Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986, Planning and Environment Act 1987, Local Government Act 1989 andFinancial Management Act 1994, can be found online. To view them, go to Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents, select Victorian Law Today and enter the name of the Act.

Victoria's rating valuations – managing your valuation Councils have the option to transfer to the Valuer-General their responsibility for completing rating authority valuations. View the fact sheet and register an expression of interest in nominating the Valuer-General as the valuation authority.

Revaluation 2018

Information on Revaluation 2018, view the 2018 Valuation Best Practice Specification Guidelines.

Revaluation 2016

Information on Revaluation 2016

Specialist Property Guidelines

The Specialist Property Guidelines, compiled by Valuer-General Victoria and the Municipal Group of Valuers promote consistency and provide guidance to valuers conducting statutory valuations.

Objecting to a council valuation

If you disagree with a valuation of your property as listed on your rate notice, this section contains details on how you can lodge an objection with the local council

Property valuation statistics

The latest valuation statistics for Victoria and how to access statistics from previous revaluations

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