Property valuation is the analysis of property transactions to determine comparable value. Valuers research and evaluate a range of information to determine the market value of a property.

Valuations are used for many purposes including setting limits for the sale and purchase of properties, setting rental levels, determining compensation following the compulsory acquisition of property, asset accounting and management, lending and associated financial dealings, property settlements, property rating and taxation systems, and property portfolio analysis.

Valuer-General Victoria (VGV) is the state's independent authority on property valuations. VGV oversees all significant government property valuations and council rating valuations.

Under the Valuation of Land Act 1960, councils have the option to transfer their biennial revaluation responsibilities to the Valuer-General. Nominations to transfer valuation authority for the 2020 general valuation are due by 30 June 2018.

If you need a valuation of your property, you should contact the Australian Property Institute on (+61 3) 9644 7500.

The valuation profession

Information on what valuers do, plus details and resources on how to become a valuer, qualifications and registration. 

Government valuations

Property valuations for government departments and agencies and information on Valuer-General Victoria, valuation management, assets, land acquisition and compensation.

Council valuations

Property values as the basis of rating authority rates and taxes, details on how a council revaluation is completed and how to object to a valuation.

Products and services

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
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