Government surveying services

The Office of Surveyor-General Victoria (OSGV) offers a range of services to government, the surveying industry and the general public.

These include:

  • managing contracts to consultant licensed surveyors for government and providing advice on surveying matters for government land dealings.
  • surveys for government agencies – OSGV manages the survey components of major government projects for many government departments and agencies. OSGV only does surveys for government agencies. If you need a survey of your property, you should contact one of Victoria's licensed surveyors.

Surveyor-General Victoria Practice Directives

Practice directives to provide advice to licensed surveyors in the interpretation of relevant aspects of surveying Acts and regulations.

Victoria's survey infrastructure

This is the infrastructure used to provide accurate position and height referencing across Victoria.

Survey Equipment Calibration

Facilities for surveyors so they can check that their equipment meets the relevant standards for measurement.

Survey Marks Enquiry Service

Survey Marks Enquiry Service is an online database of Victoria's 140,000 ground marks. You can search for the state's latest coordinate and height information, look up sketch plans for the ground marks and view interactive maps and reports for all the marks.

Crown land status reports

Crown land status reports are authoritative opinion on the status of freehold land and boundaries, plus land adjoining or affecting Crown land.

Page last reviewed on 23 January 2015

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