Advice and guidelines for surveyors

Each year, about 350 of Victoria's licensed surveyors prepare and lodge up to 10,000 plans with Land Use Victoria.

The Office of Surveyor-General Victoria (OSGV) is responsible for monitoring and regulating cadastral surveying in Victoria.

OSGV's Survey Audit Program monitors the standard of cadastral surveys lodged with Land Use Victoria. Approximately two per cent of the total number of surveys lodged with Land Use Victoria annually are audited; these audits cover one third of the licensed surveyors in Victoria. 

The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV) is a statutory body responsible for establishing and maintaining the educational requirements for licensing of surveyors, maintaining a register of licensed surveyors, and managing disciplinary procedures. To perform cadastral surveys in Victoria, a surveyor must be licensed by the SRBV.

From time to time the Surveyor-General Victoria introduces practice directives to help licensed surveyors interpret regulations and inform them of changes to requirements issued by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.

To improve the knowledge of surveyors in key areas of cadastral surveying and re-establishment, a number of guidance notes have been created by OSGV on relevant topics and the practical application of re-establishment principles through worked case studies. Further Reading – Ambulatory Boundaries on the Doctrine of Accretion, rivers and their impact on cadastral boundaries in Victoria and the determination of the state border between New South Wales and Victoria along the Murray River is relevant to Re-establishment Principles Guidance Note No. 6.

Survey Practice Handbook

The Survey Practice Handbook is a reference work that includes standards for the land surveying industry, it includes information on legislation and survey practice and aims to improve the quality and compatibility of survey procedures and practice in Victoria.

Survey Audit Program

The Survey Audit Program monitors the standard of surveys being lodged with Land Use Victoria and the level of compliance by licensed surveyors. Key components include checklists and categories of non-conformances to guide surveyors in the preparation of plans and field records.

Abstract of Field Records Template Formats

The Surveyor-General provides the following templates for licensed surveyors to use in the production of abstracts of field records.

Re-establishment Principles Guidance Notes

A series of guidance notes and exercises on re-establishment principles aimed at graduate and recently licensed surveyors. Refer also to Further Reading – Ambulatory Boundaries.

Page last reviewed on 31 October 2016

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