About surveying

The Surveyor-General of Victoria is the primary government authority on surveying and the cadastre (land property boundaries and tenure). Roles and responsibilities for the Surveyor-General are prescribed under a diverse range of Acts and regulations of Parliament.

Surveying has been essential for the development of the definition of legal boundaries for land ownership in Victoria and has a noteworthy history.

What surveyors do

Information on what surveyors do, how and why they do it, and the equipment they use.

History of surveying in Victoria

Explore the long, rich history of surveying in Victoria dating back to 1803. Including useful sources of information on the state's surveying history such as the New South Wales-Victoria border and Robert Hoddle, Victoria's first Surveyor-General.

Surveying legislation

Access a list of Acts and regulations that are most relevant to surveyors.

Page last reviewed on 16 November 2015

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