Title and property boundaries

Photo: Change title detailsLand titles give an indication of boundary dimensions by making reference to a diagram. However, only a licensed surveyor can determine the actual location of your property boundaries.

Dimensions of common suburban properties are generally shown with a street frontage and connecting distance to a street corner. Strata and multi-level developments often include height and depth. It is not uncommon for parcels of land in rural areas to include a reference to a river or creek when describing a boundary.

You can view property boundaries by doing a title search online or by visiting the Land Information Centre to do a title search. Please note that fees apply depending on the point of service.

When you do a title search, you will receive a title register search statement that includes:

  • current registered proprietor(s)
  • a land description
  • any encumbrances, caveats or notices, including mortgages
  • a diagram location or source (that is, where to find the sketch of the property).

If you do not have the volume and folio reference for the parcel of land you want to search, you will need to do a land index search. This will give you the volume and folio details of a land parcel when you enter an address. When you do a title search online, the system will automatically do this for you.

Changing property or title boundaries can be very complex. You will need a licensed surveyor and, in most instances, a lawyer or other legal representative.

Page last reviewed on 18 October 2016

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