Property information

The Department of Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning(DELWP) through Land Use Victoria collects, manages, releases and sells a wide range of property information for Victoria and most of it is available online.

You can find certificates and statements, median property prices and sales data, land dealing statistics, land titles and suburb boundaries. Information on Crown land is also available.

If you do not have Internet or printer access, you can visit the Land Information Centre to search for property information.

Reports, plans and surveys

Information on how to find a parcel of land online, search for a title to determine your property boundaries, purchase property certificates and reports, view plans and surveys and historical survey plans.

LANDATA products

LANDATA products are an easy to use service where you can order online state and local government property certificates and information statements for Victoria.


Information on property dealings including total lodgements, transfers, mortgages, discharges of mortgage, and plans of subdivision lodged over a 13 month period, up to the most recent.

Land Information Centre

Contact information for Land Information Centres in Melbourne and Laverton. Plus, details on what information is available.

Property prices

Information on Victoria's annual and quarterly median property sales prices.

Suburb boundaries

Information on how to clarify a suburb name or boundary.

Central Plan Office

Central Plan Office is Victoria's virtual storeroom for all State Government surveys and plans.

Buying and selling property

Useful links to external websites containing information on the many aspects of buying or selling property. Plus, details of relevant legislation and regulations.

Page last reviewed on 27 October 2016

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