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The Office of Geographic Names (OGN) assists the Registrar of Geographic Names by liaising with naming authorities such as municipal councils,government departments and authorities to ensure the VICNAMES register is regularly updated.

On behalf of the Registrar the OGN participates in ongoing communication with service providers such as the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), Australia Post and other organisations. This ensures that the naming of Victoria's geographic features, localities and roads is consistent with the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010 Version 2 and reflects current best practice standards that minimise service delivery, locational and mapping issues.

The OGN can assist with enquiries or requests relating to:

  • providing details on the processes and principles in the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010 Version 2
  • registering names for local roads, parks, reserves or other geographic  features
  • current locality names and boundaries or proposed changes to locality boundaries
  • the role of government departments in naming public infrastructure such as schools, train stations, state forests or national parks
  • the process involved in convening a Committee from the Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel to consider a naming proposal of regional, state or national significance; and
  • how the public can submit or search for information on the histories of Victoria's place names.

General enquiries

The Registrar of Geographic Names
Office of Geographic Names
GPO Box 527
Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: +61 3 8636 2525
Fax: +61 3 8636 2776

For enquiries about current major projects and the Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel:

Project Officer: Rafe Benli
Phone: 8636 2851

For enquiries about naming proposals and the audit program (Road Names):

Phone: 8636 2525

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