Naming places, features and roads

The Naming rules for places in Victoria, Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities - 2016 (naming rules) sets out the procedures and principles for naming, renaming and adjusting the boundaries of geographic features, localities and roads in Victoria.

VICNAMES is the state's official Register of Geographic Names. It contains more than 200,000 place names including cities, towns, suburbs, regions, roads, landscape features, recreational reserves, transport stations, schools, hospitals, national parks, forests, reserves and tracks. It is free to search place names and add historical information.

The Registrar of Geographic Names is responsible for recording place names and maintains VICNAMES.

Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel

The community as a whole has an interest in the naming of geographic places and features.  This is a unique opportunity to become involved in Victoria's place naming function, by becoming a member of the Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel

Naming rules for places in Victoria 

The principles, policies and procedures for naming places or proposing a name in Victoria are set out in the Naming rules for places in Victoria, Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities - 2016. Also see supplementary documents to the guidelines and information about Indigenous place names.


View the status of recent proposals received by the Registrar for Geographic Names for features, locality boundaries and roads.


To find the name of a feature, road or naming authority search Victoria's online Register of Geographic Names, VICNAMES. View the VICNAMES User Guide and user notes.

Locality names and boundary maps

View maps indicating official boundaries for each locality in Victoria that have been approved by the Registrar of Geographic Names and notified in the Victoria Government Gazette.

Notification for Editing Service (NES)

If registered to use NES, a government department, government authority or local council can submit a proposal to name a feature, amend a locality boundary or record a name.

News and current projects

Find out the latest projects and news on naming places in Victoria.

Anzac Commemorative Naming Project

Find out all the details in relation to the Anzac Commemorative Naming project and how to become involved.

Contact us

For expert advice on naming processes in Victoria, enquiries about major projects and naming proposals, and links related naming websites.

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