Mortgages and discharges of mortgage

Register mortgage or discharge mortgage documentWhen you buy a property you get a Certificate of Title, which is a paper copy of an entry in the online register.

If you have a mortgage, the bank holds the Certificate of Title until your loan is repaid.

When there is no longer a debt over the property, you will need to register a discharge of mortgage at Land Use Victoria. The online register will be updated and you will receive a new Certificate of Title.

Free forms and guides to a mortgage or discharge a mortgage on a property, and the fees associated with these trasnactions are available online.

Mortgages and discharges of mortgage can also be lodged and withdrawn online through PEXA (Property Exchange Australia Ltd). To lodge a mortgage or discharge of mortgage online you will need to engage a lawyer or licensed conveyancer who is a PEXA subscriber.

Visit the PEXA website to find a lawyer or conveyancer who is a subscriber.

Page last reviewed on 31 October 2016

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