Dealing with titles

Information on common title dealings - mortgages and discharges of mortgage, changing title details, replacing a lost or destroyed Certificate of Title, changing property boundaries, subdividing or consolidating titles, caveats covenants and easements, and adverse possession.

Forms, guides and fees

Forms and fees required by Land Use Victoria when transacting in property, and explanatory guides.

Mortgages and discharges of mortgage

Information on registering a mortgage or discharge of mortgage.

Changing title details

Information on changing the details of a title, including name and address, the purchase of a property, death of an owner and mortgage information.

Lost or destroyed titles

Details explaining what to do if your Certificate of Title has been lost or destroyed.

Changing property boundaries

Information on how property boundaries can be altered.

Plans of subdivision and consolidation

Information on subdividing land into two or more parcels of land or consolidating two or more abutting titles to create one title.

Caveats, covenants and easements

Information explaining caveats, covenants and easements.

Adverse possession

Details on the rule of adverse possession and how to apply.

Page last reviewed on 31 October 2016

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