Certificates of Title

two people exchanging documents in an office environmentCertificate of Title is a person's record of interests and rights affecting their land. It is issued by the Registrar of Titles to the person entitled to its possession, usually the registered proprietor, mortgagee or chargee.

The Certificate of Title shows the date the certificate was created, plus all registrations and recordings made in the Register at the time. This includes the name(s) of registered proprietor(s) and other interests such as mortgages, covenants and caveats.

Registrations in the Register have a government guarantee.

Secure Certificates of Title

In February 2010 Victoria introduced new secure Certificates of Title using the very latest security technology.

There have been considerable advances in security technology since 2004 when Victoria first introduced Certificates of Title with security features. The new Certificates of Title have been introduced to further minimise the possibility of fraud and to provide additional protection of customers' interests and rights.

Existing Certificates of Title are still valid and there are no additional charges for the new-look certificate.

The upgraded security features on the front of the new Certificates of Title include:


The security Trustseal has a number of in built features tailored specifically for Victorian Certificates of Title. It shows a map of Australia and displays various patterns and colours in the light. In addition, the Trustseal cannot be removed from the security paper without recognisably damaging the paper. The Trustseal appears on the bottom left-hand corner of the new title.

Thermocromic icon

The thermocromic icon appears as a star on the bottom right-hand corner of the new title. The dark parts of the star momentarily disappear when gently rubbed, then reappear.

Eagle watermark

When an authentic Certificate of Title is held up to the light, eagles can be seen in lines across the full length of the page. The eagles are represented in either light or dark shading.

Graduated shading

The vertical shading graduates from darker at the top of the page to lighter at the bottom.

Security features of the reverse side include:

Certificate of Title

The words 'Certificate of Title' are printed vertically in a light ink on the left and right sides of the page using graduated degrees of shading.

Control number

A unique control number is included to enable the certificate to be tracked if it is lost or stolen.

Warning band

A warning band describes the way in which the thermocromic icon operates.

Page last reviewed on 7 October 2014

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