About land titles

Land Use Victoria is the Victorian Government's key agency for land administration and land information. It is responsible for registration of land titles under the Torrens system, General law titles, and the status of Crown land.

Land Use Victoria registers more than 700,000 dealings per year, with 98 per cent of 2.2 million title searches conducted online. There are 3.4 million current titles securely stored electronically in the Victorian Online Titles System (VOTS).

Registrar of Titles

Information on Victoria's Registrar of Titles.

Certificate of Title

Find out about Victoria's certificates of title featuring latest security technology.

General law titles

Find out about the General law system, which operated in Victoria prior to introduction of the Torrens system.

Crown land

Information on what Crown land is, and how to identify it, and how to access a Crown land status report.


A list of Acts of Parliament that relate to land dealings in Victoria.

History of the titles office

Explore the history of the titles office, now known as Land Use Victoria.

Common terms

A glossary of common terms that are commonly used in land dealings.

Page last reviewed on 31 October 2016

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