The Office of Surveyor-General Victoria (OSGV) and the Information Services Division (ISD) of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries are responsible for managing Victoria's geodetic and positioning infrastructure.

Geodesy is the science of the size and shape of the Earth and its gravity field. It is used to derive the basic positioning framework - globally and regionally - which is used extensively for mapping, navigation, surveying and major construction projects.

Victoria's geodetic infrastructure comprises a statewide network of horizontal and vertical survey control marks and Vicmap Position–GPSnet™, both of which enable Victorians to realise Australia's geodetic datum. 

OSGV's vision for geodesy in Victoria is to develop Victoria's geodetic infrastructure to meet the basic needs of Victoria's spatial information user community.

Strategy for Victoria's positioning system 2016–2020

This strategy documents the pathway for DELWP to maintain and enhance Victoria's geodetic infrastructure so that the public, commercial, academic and scientific sectors have access to accurate and reliable positioning.

Strategy for Victoria's positioning system 2016–2020 (PDF 5.4 MB)
Strategy for Victoria's positioning system 2016–2020 (accessible version (DOCX 2.5 MB) 

Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (GDA94)

GDA94 was adopted in Australia on 1 January 2000 and is Australia's official geodetic datum. GDA94 is part of a global coordinate reference frame and is compatible with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Land Use Victoria supports the transition from AGD66 to GDA94 through GDA94 transformation tools.

Survey Marks Enquiry Service (SMES)

Survey Marks Enquiry Service (SMES) is a web mapping interface that provides open access to Victoria's 140,000 survey control marks. You can search for the Victoria's latest coordinate and height information, look up sketch plans and view interactive maps and reports for all survey control marks. For assistance and advice contact us at

Survey Equipment Calibration

Survey Equipment Calibration is a facility to support surveyors to ensure their surveying equipment meets the relevant standards for measurement.

Vicmap Position–GPSnet™

Information on Vicmap Position–GPSnet, Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and related projects.

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