Landscape Assessment Studies

The department is undertaking six landscape assessment studies covering large parts of regional Victoria. The studies appraise the visual character and significance of landscapes in non-urban parts of the study areas.Skeleton Hill - Image courtesy of Neil Ward

The six Landscape Assessment Studies will complement existing landscape assessment studies to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the visual character and significance of landscapes across regional areas.

The studies will support the delivery of the Central Highlands, Hume, Loddon Mallee North, Loddon Mallee South and Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Growth Plans which provide broad direction for land use across regional Victoria. They may be used to introduce or improve local planning provisions that seek to preserve and enhance landscape character.

GHD and Planisphere have been engaged to prepare these studies.

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Next steps

The community consultation phases of the studies have been completed and we are now considering all feedback received relating to the draft landscape character type papers and draft landscape significance and view papers. The studies will be completed by the end of June 2015 and final products will become available on this website once finalised by the department.

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Community Newsletters

Stay up-to-date on the project through our community newsletters. Note that all current and previous newsletters can be found under each landscape assessment study area page.

Information on the Landscape Assessment Studies

See below for general information on the studies including Aims, Approach and Key Stages. Alternatively, choose a study area from the map, or click on the links below, for information on each individual landscape assessment study:

Open Western Victoria Landscape Assessment Study Open Lower Murray Landscape Assessment Study Open Central Murray and Goulburn Valley Landscape Assessment Study Open Lower Hume and High Country Landscape Assessment Study Open Central Victoria Landscape Assessment Study Open Lower Hume and High Country Landscape Assessment Study Open Upper Murray and Goulburn Valley Landscape Assessment Study

Aims of the study

The studies focus on non-urban areas and will map and assess existing distinctive elements, features, character, visual quality and extent of the landscape, as well as their value and importance to regions.

The outcomes of these studies will ultimately help to inform planning scheme policy and assist with planning decision making by identifying landscapes of importance and broadly considering measures to adequately protect and manage these landscapes in the future.

The studies will:

  • define and describe landscape character and significance
  • determine which places, features and views are most significant and why
  • seek and include the community's input on the value, character and significance of the landscape
  • assess and evaluate various forms of development that have occurred in the landscape, both positive and negative, to inform potential landscape management responses
  • consider using policies and guidance in local planning schemes to broadly recommend ways to protect and manage the landscape into the future.


The landscape assessment studies will follow the approach used by the award winning South-West Victoria Landscape Assessment study.  Extensive field survey work, analysis, mapping and consultation will be used to assess distinctive landscape character types and determine their value and importance across each study area.

Key stages

The project will be conducted over three phases and is scheduled for completion by June 2015.

Phase Activity Timeframe
Phase 1 Project establishment
(including detailed project planning and initial research)
October - November 2014
Phase 2 Analysis and assessment
(including desktop analysis, field work, community consultation,
draft findings on character types and significance)
November 2014 - April 2015
Phase 3
Project completion
(including finalising recommendations and assessment reports)
April 2015 - June 2015

Previous landscape assessment studies

These studies build on the work of previous landscape studies including:

Contact us

You can provide feedback and receive information about the project by contacting us at:

Victorian Government Contact Centre on 1 300 366 356

Accessibility of documents

Some of the documents on the landscape assessment study pages are presented in PDF format. If you have difficulty in accessing any of these documents please contact us at

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