Housing and residential development

View of Melbournbe city skyline and residential infill developmentWhere people choose to live and the type of housing they select is influenced by a number of factors. These include the cost of housing, accessibility to services and employment opportunities, preference for different neighbourhoods and lifestyle choices.

Challenges for housing across Victoria include affordability, an ageing population, smaller and single person households as well as new lifestyle preferences.

The planning system provides a framework for managing change and to create well-planned and sustainable communities across Victoria.

  • Better Apartments

    The government is consulting broadly to better understand community and stakeholder expectations before taking action to improve apartment design and amenity.
  • Housing Development Data

    Information about the number and location of existing dwellings, vacant residential land, and recent residential development across land within metropolitan Melbourne.

Other resources

On our site:

  • Urban and Regional Research
    Research information across a range of topics, including population, housing, land development and employment.
  • Urban Design
    Guidelines and information on urban design practices and DTPLI's advisory services.
  • Urban Development Program
    A program of monitoring and reporting about the supply of and demand for residential and industrial land within metropolitan Melbourne and other key areas across regional Victoria.

On other sites:

  • Neighbourhood Renewal
    A State Government program, working with local communities, businesses and service providers to bridge the gap between the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Victoria and their surrounding communities.

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