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Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for the use and development of land for an area. Each local council area in Victoria, and some special planning areas, is covered by a planning scheme.

The following online services provide access to Victorian planning scheme information.

Planning Schemes Online

Planning scheme maps and provisions

Access planning scheme maps and provisions for all of Victoria's planning schemes.

Schemes are updated weekly to include amendments that have been approved and published in the Government Gazette.

Go to Planning Schemes Online

Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) Online

View all the standard provisions that form the framework for Victoria's planning schemes.

More information about the Victoria Planning Provisions 

Go to the VPP Online

Planning scheme amendments

View current and recently approved amendments to planning schemes.

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Amendments on Exhibition

View all planning scheme amendment documents currently available for inspection.

Planning Maps Online

An interactive map service that allows you to:

  • search planning scheme maps using a property address, Melway reference or lot and plan number
  • view planning zones and overlays
  • use simple tools to move around and view planning scheme maps at whatever scale you wish
  • turn zone and overlay layers on and off to customise your view of each planning scheme
  • prepare and print a customised PDF report
  • access information about properties listed on the Victorian Heritage Register
  • view aerial imagery for the Melbourne metropolitan area
  • view historical maps for the 1954, 1959 and 1968 Melbourne planning schemes

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Planning Property Report

A free property-based report which can be viewed as a PDF and includes:
  • property address and lot and plan number
  • council name and property number
  • Melway reference
  • a list of zones and overlays applicable to the selected property linked to the relevant planning scheme zone and overlay provisions
  • zoning and overlay maps
  • separate maps for each overlay affecting a property
  • Victorian Heritage Register information with links to the Victorian Heritage Database

Planning Property Reports are also available by selecting the 'Get Report' option in Planning Maps Online.

Get a Planning Property Report

PlanningVIC: Planning Property Report Mobile App

A mobile application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Android and mobile web which provides easy access to planning scheme information for any property in Victoria.

The app provides the same reports available through the Planning Property Report service with the advantage of mobile access.

Download the app or view more information

Planning Certificates

Official statements of the planning controls that apply to a property.

Planning certificates are available from the department or the local council.

Certificates issued by the department can be obtained online from the Landata Titles and Property Certificates Service.

More information about Planning Certificates and how to order

Planning Scheme Histories

Search a comprehensive index of all 'new format' planning schemes since 1997 or view older planning scheme records at the Public Record Office Victoria.

Free access to historical planning information

Zoning Definition Plans

A free service is available on request for the preparation of Zoning Definition Plans. 

These plans show the location of planning zones or overlays relative to property boundaries. 

They can be used to identify the specific location of zones and overlay boundaries where they do not coincide with property boundaries.

More information about how to obtain a Zoning Definition Plan.

Local policies in planning schemes

Access a complete list of the local policies incorporated into Victoria's planning schemes

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