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Planning Scheme Amendments Online is changing

Planning Schemes Online home page We are phasing out the old Planning Scheme Amendments Online website and replacing it with a new, modern service that is fully integrated into Planning Schemes Online.

Information about planning scheme amendments can now be found through the Amendments tab on Planning Schemes Online.

The new amendments section in Planning Schemes Online offers improved page layouts and search features, including the means to search by planning scheme, amendment status, amendment type, a specific date period or keywords.

Planning Scheme Amendments Online provides up to date information on the status of amendments to all planning schemes in Victoria and the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP). It allows you to view amendment documentation at the exhibition and approval stages of the amendment process.

Types of amendments

Planning schemes are amended on a regular basis. A planning scheme amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme map (often a rezoning) or a change to the ordinance or written part of the scheme or both.

Amendments can be:

  • C amendments (changes to one planning scheme only)
  • GC amendments (changes to more than one planning scheme)
  • VC amendments (changes to VPP and planning schemes)
  • V amendments (changes to VPP only).

How do I find an amendment in Planning Scheme Amendments Online?

Amendment details may be viewed online. See 'How can I inspect a full copy of an amendment? below.

To view an amendment and related information:

  1. Select the first letter of the relevant planning scheme from the alphabetical display.
  2. Select the relevant planning scheme.
  3. Select the amendment number, for example, C002.
  4. Select the Amendment details, Exhibition, Panels or Approved documentation tab.
  5. Select and open an amendment document.

If you are not sure which planning scheme the amendment affects, there is a search facility. Search hints are provided on the search page. You can search by amendment number or by a key word such as the name of the locality the amendment affects, for example, South Melbourne.

Accessing files

Amendment files can be large and slow to download and some may not be available online. If you have trouble accessing files, please email us at

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions or comments about Planning Scheme Amendments Online, please refer to the online help section within the database or email us at

How can I inspect a full copy of an amendment?

Copies of amendments, may also be inspected free of charge at the relevant council offices.

Page last reviewed on 17 March 2016

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