Forms, checklists and templates

From this page access a range of town planning forms, checklists and templates.

Map amendment requests

The department provides a free map preparation service to councils for planning scheme amendments.

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Model officer report and templates

The Model Officer Report templates have been prepared for councils as a set of standard documents to assist with the process of considering a planning permit application. The report and associated checklists, assessment tables and templates will help to clarify the relevant policy considerations and promote the efficient assessment of applications.

Model Officer Report (PDF, 686.6 KB, 14 pp.)
Pre application meeting file note - Model Officer Report (DOC, 37.5 KB, 2 pp.)
Checklist 1 Construction single/multi dwelling - Model Officer Report (DOC, 38.0 KB, 1 p.)
Checklist 2 Industrial - Model Officer Report (DOC, 36.0 KB, 1 p.)
Checklist 3 Business - Model Officer Report (DOC, 36.5 KB, 1 p.)
Checklist 4 Advertising signage - Model Officer Report (DOC, 35.0 KB, 1 p.)
Checklist 5 Waiver car parking - Model Officer Report (DOC, 32.5 KB, 1 p.)
Checklist 6 Subdivision - Model Officer Report (DOC, 32.0 KB, 1 p.)
Application checklist - Model Officer Report (DOC, 40.5 KB, 2 pp.)
Planning Assessment Report - Model Officer Report (DOC, 41.5 KB, 4 pp.)
Assessment Table 1 One dwelling - Model Officer Report (DOC, 64.0 KB, 1 p.)
Assessment Table 2 Two or more dwellings - Model Officer Report (DOC, 100.0 KB, 1 p.)

Planning permit application forms

Application for a planning permit form
Application to amend a planning permit form

Pre-set planning panel hearing request form

Request a pre-set planning panel hearing date for a planning scheme amendment.

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Templates - planning scheme amendments

Templates for the preparation of planning scheme amendment documentation.

Strategic Assessment Guidelines - checklist

This checklist is included in the General Practice Note Strategic Assessment Guidelines, April 2008. It is provided here as a Word template.
Strategic Assessment Guidelines Checklist (DOC, 184.0 KB, 4 pp.)

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