Bushfire protection: planning and building

Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world with a long history of bushfires.

These pages provide information and resources to assist planning and building for bushfire protection in Victoria.

  • Bushfire protection and my property

    Is my property affected by bushfire requirements? How do I find out? What does it mean for me? Can I build and clear vegetation? Find out what applies to your property.

  • Building in bushfire prone areas

    Specific bushfire construction standards for buildings apply in designated Bushfire Prone Areas in Victoria. Find out more about Bushfire Prone Areas and where they apply.

  • Bushfire planning resources

    Technical information about the bushfire planning provisions including publications, resources for permit applicants and links to relevant web sites.

  • Rebuilding and recovery

    Planning schemes include particular provisions to streamline approvals for people rebuilding their homes that were destroyed by the 2009 fires.

Page last reviewed on 4 February 2016

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