Architects Regulations 2015

The Architects Regulations 2015 came into operation on 19 May 2015.

The revised regulations:

  • Specify the standard of professional conduct and practise for architects in the Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Introduce a power to conduct an election for the nomination of architects to the Architects Registration Board of Victoria using technology assisted voting and computer counting;
  • Simplify classes of registered architect to 'practising' and 'non-practising';
  • Provide that architects registered as 'retired' architects are now registered as 'non-practising' architects;
  • Abolish annual fees for non-practising architects; and
  • Provide for the production of a certified extract of the Register in relation to an architect, an approved partnership or an approved company.

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria is responsible for administering the Architects Act 1991 and the Architects Regulations 2015. Further information about the Board can be found on its website

Page last reviewed on 27 May 2016

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