Building policy

DELWP is responsible for building policy and legislation in Victoria.

This includes administering the legislative framework and working closely with industry and stakeholders to deliver better building outcomes for Victoria.

The Building Policy unit also supports the Minister for Planning in administering regulations governing the safety and amenity of caravan parks and moveable dwellings in Victoria.

  • Building reform program

    The Parliament of Victoria has recently passed the first tranche of legislation to give effect to the Government's commitment to improve protection from home building malpractice.

  • Caravan parks and movable dwellings

    Find information about the regulations governing caravan parks and movable dwellings, including a guide to the regulations and Practice Notes on fire safety and construction standards.

  • Livable homes

    Livable homes are designed and built to meet the changing needs of people across their lifetime. Find out about Livable Housing Australia and the legislative frameworks governing accessible buildings.

Page last reviewed on 11 October 2016

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