Review of Planning and Subdivision Fees

The Minister for Planning has commenced a review of the planning and subdivision fees. The review will take place over a 12 month period, commencing October 2015.

The Department has engaged a consultant to advise on how much it costs councils to meet their planning and subdivision functions and to prepare a regulatory impact statement to consider options for new fees.

What stage is the review at?

The data gathering period for the fees review has now ended. Analysis of the data collected from the Department, where the Minister is Responsible Authority, and from a sample of geographically representative councils is currently underway. The next stage of the project will focus on options development informed by the data analysis. Preparation of the Regulatory Impact Statement will commence early 2016.

What will the review consider?

The review will focus on the following:

  • planning and subdivision functions for which fees should be charged
  • recommendations for the appropriate level of cost recovery
  • the cost of delivering planning and subdivision functions (direct and indirect costs)
  • the alternative and recommended models for prescribing fees
  • *the appropriate fees.

What happened to the previous review that was undertaken in 2008?

A review of the current planning and subdivision fees was previously undertaken in 2008 including a data collection exercise in 2009. However, the resulting draft regulatory impact statement was not released for public consultation. As this data is now considered out-of-date, the Minister has asked the department to undertake a new fees review.

When will I have a chance to have my say?

Once the regulatory impact statement and draft regulations have been prepared, public consultation  is anticipated to take place in mid 2016.

Page last reviewed on 1 December 2015

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