Infrastructure contributions reform

The Government has introduced the Planning and Environment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2015 into Parliament. The Bill introduces a new simple, standardised and transparent infrastructure contributions system for levying development contributions towards the provision of infrastructure in growth and strategic development areas across Victoria.

The Bill is based on the recommendations of the Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee that was established in 2012 to provide advice on a new standard levy system for development contributions.

The new system is based on standard levies that are preset for different development settings and land uses. The standard levies are designed to provide for a financial contribution to the delivery of essential local infrastructure required to support new or growing communities.

The department will work with an Implementation Reference Group representing peak industry groups and councils to finalise the details of the new system, such as the levy rates, indexation mechanisms and application criteria, before it commences.

The new system is to be introduced in early 2016 and in the first instance will be applied in greenfield growth areas and strategic development areas.

A copy of the Bill can be downloaded from the 'Bills' page of the 'Parliamentary Documents' section at

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Page last reviewed on 16 July 2015

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