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Our website provides access to information about planning issues, development applications and projects. These often include community consultation processes and committees established to advise on planning reviews, development applications and amendments to planning schemes.

Consultation can be sought for the following:

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Community consultation processes

The department often seeks to consult the community on planning matters, lists of current and recent consultation processes that have been conducted can be found below.

Current consultations

Find out how to get involved and have your say on specific planning reviews.

Protecting the Yarra River

Protecting the Yarra River
Have your say on the ideas in the Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung)discussion paper and any other ideas you may have about protecting the Yarra River. Submissions can be made until 5 August 2016.

Recent consultations

Advisory committees

From time to time the Minister for Planning convenes an advisory committee to consider and make recommendations about planning issues. These issues may be broad policy matters or deal with specific site development proposals.

Read the schedule of upcoming panel and advisory committee hearings

Current advisory committees

The following advisory committees have been established:

Recent advisory committees

The following advisory committees have been recently concluded:

Previous advisory committee reports

Find reports from previous advisory committees

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