About planning in Victoria

The department is responsible for land-use planning and environmental assessment in Victoria.

We manage the regulatory framework and provide advice on planning policy, strategic planning and urban design.

Under Victoria's planning system local councils and the Victorian government develop planning schemes to control land use and development, and to ensure the protection and conservation of land.

  • The role of the Minister

    Find out about the role of the Minister for Planning in the operation of Victoria's planning system.

  • Legislation and regulations

    Information about planning and subdivision legislation and regulation in Victoria including fees, penalties, procedures, reviews and restrictive covenants.

  • Improving the system

    The planning system is continuously improving. Find out about the current projects and programs aimed at improving planning processes and services, reviewing planning policy and modernising the regulatory framework of the planning system.

  • Related sites

    Links to other Victorian, Australian and international websites relevant to land use planning.

Page last reviewed on 21 March 2016

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