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2013 GuidelinesProcurement Best Practice Guidelines

The Victorian Local Government Best Practice Procurement Guidelines 2013 (the Guidelines) are designed to assist Victorian councils and regional library corporations better understand their obligations under the Local Government Act 1989. The Guidelines were first released by LGV in 2008.

About the consultation process

Throughout 2011 and 2012, LGV undertook a lengthy consultation process to establish the priorities for a revision of the Guidelines as well as reflect changes that have occurred since the first version was released.

The Guidelines have been informed by recommendations contained in reports by the Victorian Auditor-General and the Victorian Ombudsman and are a collaboration between LGV, procurement professionals across Victoria and in Victorian local government, key stakeholders and advisory bodies and the Local Government Professionals Special Interest Group.

The Guidelines

The Guidelines are intended for use by both specialist in the field of local government procurement and by staff who are engaged in routine procurement activities.

The refreshed Guidelines not only detail legislative requirements but also detail various stages of the procurement process - planning, implementation, management, evaluation and reporting on procurement.

Ministerial Approved Arrangements - application form

Following the release of the Victorian Local Government Best Practice Procurement Guidelines 2013, LGV has developed an application form to assist councils seeking Ministerial Approval under section 186(5)(c) of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act).

The application form is designed to assist prompt assessment of a council's application by ensuring that all key information is provided.

The power of the Minister for Local Government to grant an approval under section 186(5)(c) of the Act is a discretionary one, and before exercising that power, the Minister must be satisfied that there are sound reasons to do so.

Contact us for further information. 

Regional Procurement Excellence Networks

The Regional Procurement Excellence Networks (RPENs) established in 2011 and guided by a Terms of Reference, are a sound platform for local governments to undertake collaborative procurement activities and collaborative business practices more generally.

Each network was formed by a regional grouping of councils, with each represented by a procurement officer. The RPEN groups are:

  • Barwon South West
  • Eastern Metropolitan
  • Gippsland
  • Grampians Wimmera
  • Hume
  • Loddon Mallee
  • North West Metropolitan
  • South Metropolitan

The RPENS meet 3-4 times per annum. They foster officer engagement and serve as a platform for joint procurement and other collaborative activities for local government procurement, purchasing and contracts officers.

In addition to the RPENs, LGPro, the local government professionals association convene a Special Interest Group in procurement, operate as a central coordinating point for the RPENs.  Centralised activities such as sector wide procurement category codes are driven by this group. Read more about the LGPro Special Interest Group Procurement here

 A report detailing RPEN activity throughout 2016 can be read here RPEN Update Report Dec 2016 (PDF 479.5 KB) or here RPEN Update Report Dec 2016 (DOCX 766.1 KB)

For more information regarding the RPENs please contact: Leighton Vivian, Manager Policy Development:

Access to Victorian Government contracts

The Local Government Procurement Strategy (PDF, 630.9 KB, 52 pp.) or (DOC, 815.5 KB, 50 pp.), released in 2009, recommended that the Victorian Government negotiate local government access to a range of state government contracts.

The Minister for Local Government has approved arrangements under section 186(5)(c) of the Local Government Act 1989 which allows council access to a range of State Purchase Contracts (SPCs), Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) Contracts and the Construction Suppliers Register (CSR).

Access to Victorian Government contracts enables councils and regional libraries to leverage the buying power of the State Government while taking confidence in the best practice procurement processes undertaken in establishing these contracts.

As with all purchasing decisions, councils and regional libraries should consider whether use of Victorian Government contracts represents the optimal outcome achievable for that particular purchase. Councils and regional library corporations wishing to use Victorian Government contracts must adhere to the specific rules associated with each contract.

Victorian Government Purchasing Board website has an extensive range of procurement resources, templates and guidance.  They can be access here

State Purchase Contracts and Whole of Victorian Government Contracts

SPCs and WoVG Contracts are standing offer agreements for Victorian Government common use goods and services, which are established when value for money can best be achieved through aggregating demand.

There are a number of individual contracts and panel arrangements currently available to councils and regional libraries.   As the details regarding SPCs and WoVGs are regularly updated, it is advised that councils and regional libraries should refer to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board's website for current information.  

Construction Supplier Register

The Construction Supplier Register is a pre-qualification scheme for building and construction industry consultants and contractors.

The CSR Brochure (PDF, 39.6 KB, 2 pp.) or (DOC, 34.5 KB, 2 pp.) provides further information about the administration fees and process for local government access to the register.

Requirements for Council Access to Victorian Government Contracts

Access to the State Purchase Contracts, Whole of Victorian Government Contracts and the Construction Supplier Register must be done so in accordance with the State Purchase Contracts Policy and the approval instruments set out below:

Read the Procurement Best Practice Guidelines for more information on access to Victorian Government contracts.

Page last reviewed on 21 December 2016

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