Local Government Electoral Review

Local Government Electoral Review PanelThe independent Local Government Electoral Review Panel has carried out a comprehensive review of Victoria's local government electoral system.

The panel made 55 recommendations for reform.

The panel's Stage 1 report (PDF 1008.7 KB) or (DOCX 1.2 MB) examines the electoral process, participation and integrity.

The panel's Stage 2 report (PDF 1.7 MB) or (DOC 1.1 MB), including Appendix 3 (XLSX 23.4 KB) looked at electoral representation.

Panel consultation

As part of its public consultation, the Local Government Electoral Review Panel held public hearings across Victoria and invited written submissions. Read the panel's announcement of the public consultation (DOC 47.5 KB).

Discussion paper

The panel issued a discussion paper to stimulate ideas on how local government democracy can best work.

Erratum: the Victorian Electoral Commission has re-issued data used in the original version of the discussion paper. We have updated the online version of the discussion paper to reflect these changes, including Table 6: Voter turnout at postal elections in 2012 and Table 7: Ratio of candidates to vacancies in attendance voting councils.

Terms of Reference

The panel's Terms of Reference (PDF 60.7 KB) or (DOC 124.5 KB) were:

  1. Electoral process
  2. Participation
  3. Integrity
  4. Electoral representation.

Panel members

The Local Government Electoral Review Panel members are:

  • Petro Georgiou AO – Chair (former Federal Member for Kooyong and Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters)
  • Sally Davis (former manager of the Australian Electoral Commission's Melbourne Electoral Education Centre)
  • Anne Murphy OAM (former President of the Municipal Association of Victoria).

Contact us

For further information on the review, contact Local Government Victoria.

Page last reviewed on 18 December 2014

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