Local laws

This page contains guidelines and associated materials to support councils to achieve best practice local law making and ensure a consistent level of performance between councils. The resources were developed in response to recommendations in the Better Practice Local Laws Strategy (the strategy) (PDF, 309.7 KB, 20 pp.) or  (DOC, 1.1 MB, 20 pp.), released in December 2008.

 ResourceWhat will this help with?
Better Practice Local Laws Overview (PDF, 215.7 KB, 4 pp.) or (DOC, 750.0 KB, 6 pp.)A summary of the guidelines
Better Practice Local Laws Manual (PDF, 1.8 MB, 160 pp.) or (DOC, 1.2 MB, 181 pp.)A step-by-step operational guide
Better Practice Local Laws Resource Book (PDF, 2.6 MB, 20 pp.) or (DOC, 237.5 KB, 37 pp.)Case studies and examples to supplement the manual

Further information can be found on the Better Practice Local Laws website designed  to guide councils through the process of preparing, creating, implementing, enforcing and reviewing local laws. It hosts additional better practice local laws resources, templates and case studies.

Page last reviewed on 7 October 2014

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