Directory of Public Library Services in Victoria

The Directory of Public Library Services in Victoria is produced annually and only available to be downloaded here.
The Directory include maps, branches, mobile libraries, opening hours, and special features.

2015 Directory of Public Library Services in Victoria (February 2015)

Each library services can individually, and in Word version, be viewed in the Find your public library section.

Annual Survey of Victorian Public Libraries

Each year a survey of public libraries in Victoria is undertaken, which includes information about
service points, staffing, loans, circulation, collection size, information technology and financial data.

Annual Surveys from 2010-11 onwards are available from the Public Libraries Victoria Network website.

Local Government Victoria collected these statistics up until the 2009-10 edition.

National Competition Policy (NCP)

As of July 2012, it is no longer a requirement for councils to either include a formal National Competition Policy compliance statement in the Annual Report or provide a statement to Local Government Victoria in a separately submitted document.

However, as a matter of good practice Councils are encouraged to continue to make comment in their Annual Report on the application of competitive neutrality. The National Competition Policy and Local Government (Revised 2011) (PDF, 153.9 KB, 25 pp.) or (DOC, 261.5 KB, 22 pp.) is still a useful resource.

The Victorian Government has an ongoing commitment to competition policy and competitive neutrality and Victorian councils remain obligated to adhere to competitive neutrality principles. The complaints mechanism also remains in place under the Competition Principles Agreement reached in 1995 between the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments. 

If you have any queries regarding compliance with competition policy or competitive neutrality, please visit the Victorian Competition Efficiency Commission website or call (03) 9092 5828.


The department administers a range of grant programs, a number of which are available to local government.

Find a grant is an easy way for you to search DTPLI grants that you or your organisation may be eligible to apply for.

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