Infrastructure, land and asset management


The following documents can assist with planning and governing integrated community infrastructure.

Guide/template What will this help with?
A Guide to Delivering Community Precincts (PDF, 1.7 MB, 21 pp.) or (DOC, 281.5 KB, 36 pp.) Guideline containing Victorian case studies, tools and checklists to support the development of integrated community infrastructure
A Guide to Governing Shared Community Facilities  (PDF, 1.4 MB, 21 pp.) or (DOC, 361.0 KB, 38 pp.) Guidance and practical information about governing shared facilities including tools and templates
Developer Contribution Levies 2011 - 2014 (XLS, 20.0kb, 1 p.) Councils are required to provide details of their planned capital works expenditure in their strategic resource plan, including anticipated funds from all sources such as developer contribution levies. This document outlines developer contributions to councils for the period 2011 to 2014


The following document can assist with the sale, exchange and transfer of land.

Guide/template What will this help with?
Best Practice Guideline for the Sale and Exchange of Land 2009 (PDF, 199.0 KB, 35 pp.)or (DOC, 761.0 KB, 31 pp.) Guidance for councils that are proposing to either sell, exchange or transfer land

Asset management

The following documents can assist with managing, valuing and reporting on council assets.

Guide/template What will this help with?
Local Government Asset Management Better Practice Guide  (PDF 291.9 KB) or (DOCX 329.7 KB)

Guidance on better practice asset management including links to related resources

2012 Good Practice Guide For Asset Protection Permits  (PDF, 420.0 KB, 23 pp.) or (DOC, 1.0 MB, 23 pp.) Guidance and principles for informing how councils should protect their assets
2006 Local Government Asset Investment Guidelines  (PDF, 1.4 MB, 82 pp.)
Local Government Asset Investment appendices  (PDF, 209.8 KB, 22 pp.)
Guidance designed to assist with asset planning, appraisal and delivery. The principles outlined are applicable to all capital investment decisions but essentially cover infrastructure investment. Examples of financial analysis are included in the appendices
2006 LG Investment Guidelines Business Forecasting Model (XLS, 27.5 KB, 1 p.) Business forecasting spreadsheet to assist with financial modelling of investment proposals
2006 Guidelines for Reporting and Measuring the condition of Road Assets  (PDF, 775.8 KB, 43 pp.) Guidance to assist with the determination of road asset condition and financial reporting
2006 Accounting for non-current physical assets under AASB 116  (PDF, 165.2 KB, 21 pp.) Guidance on the accounting treatment of non-current physical assets under AASB 116 property, plant and equipment. Topics covered include cost of acquisition, depreciation, repairs and maintenance, valuation and disposals
2004 Guidelines for Developing an Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plan (PDF, 1.6 MB, 28 pp.) Guidance and framework for the preparation of an asset management policy, strategy and plan
2005 Guidance Note – Fair Value Asset Valuation Methodologies for Victorian Local Governments (PDF, 508.1 KB, 15 pp.) Guidance for valuation of non-current physical assets for effective asset management and financial reporting
2004 Asset Management Initiative Brochure (PDF, 270.8 KB, 2 pp.) A point in time overview of initiatives and resources available to improve asset management
2004 Sustaining Local Assets: Local Government Asset Management Policy Statement (PDF, 401.9 KB, 20 pp.) Overall policy framework to guide the strategic management of infrastructure assets
Asset Management Performance Measures Survey Template (XLS 146.5 KB) A survey template used to collect data on council asset management performance over time.

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