Council sector reports

Example graph from the report showing capital expenditure 2005-2013 for all Victorian councilsPublication of the Local Government in Victoria report ceased in 2010, however Local Government Victoria continues to collect and publish the source data from councils.

Collection of the local government indicators has been superseded by the mandatory Local Government Performance Reporting Framework in 2016. 2005-2015 is the last data release in this series:

Local Government in Victoria is a series for reports from 2001-2010 that bring together information from councils' annual reports to provide a snapshot of council performance.

Each year's report is presented in two parts:

  1. Primary report - analysis of council performance against key indicators, case studies of good practice and an overview of initiatives to support councils in their financial, asset management and performance measurement work
  2. Source data and definitions - time series data for each council across eleven performance indicators.

Page last reviewed on 17 May 2016

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