Council community satisfaction survey

Results for 2016

The 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey has been completed.

Sixty-nine councils participated in the survey this year, with interviewing completed during February and March. A minimum of 400 interviews have been undertaken within each participating municipality.

Participating councils received their reports at the end of May which included comparisons to previous years, the state-wide result and the group results of like councils.

About the survey

  • council's overall performance
  • community consultation and engagement
  • advocacy – lobbying on behalf of the community
  • decisions made in the interest of the community
  • customer service
  • condition of sealed local roads
  • overall council direction

The survey is conducted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on behalf of participating councils. A minimum of 400 local residents and ratepayers in each municipality over 18 years of age are selected at random.

In addition, councils can select from a range of optional questions covering specific service areas. They can also add on their own tailored questions specific to their municipality.

Results for 2012-2016

Surveys since 2012 have used an improved methodology (questions and sample size) which means that the results are not directly comparable to 2001-2011 surveys.

Results for 2001-2011

The statewide reports and sample "Adamsville" reports based on a fictional council for 2001 -2011 are provided below.

Page last reviewed on 24 June 2016

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