Transition auditors independent advice accepted

15 December 2015


Former Supreme Court Judge the Hon Frank Vincent AO QC and former Executive Director of Local Government Victoria Mr John Watson were appointed as transition auditors by the Minister for Local Government Natalie Hutchins earlier this year to comprehensively examine all of the implications of separating Sunbury from Hume City Council in consultation with the local community. The transition auditors concluded that the separation of Sunbury from Hume City Council is so problematic at this time that it should not proceed.

After careful consideration of the report, the Government has accepted all of the transition auditors’ recommendations.

In accordance with the recommendations, Minister Hutchins has asked Hume City Council to ensure it engages more closely with Sunbury residents around the development of strategic planning documents including the types and levels of services delivered and future capital works programs in Sunbury.

New principles to be followed in future proposal to restructure any existing council boundaries have also been adopted to ensure that new municipalities are financially viable when established, and that the allocation of revenue and expenditure is equitable. 

Read the full report. (PDF 3.1 MB)

Page last reviewed on 15 December 2015

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