ESC commences consultation process on Fair Go Rates System

17 April 2015

Local Government – rates capping and variation framework consultation paperThe Essential Services Commission (ESC) has released a consultation paper on a rate capping and variation framework.

The ESC invites submissions from the local government sector and other interested parties on its "Local Government – rates capping and variation framework" consultation paper released today. Copies are available at the ESC website and have also been mailed to all councils.

In February 2015, government commissioned the ESC to conduct an independent review and make recommendations about how best to implement a Fair Go Rates System.

As part of the review, the ESC is consulting widely with councils and government agencies, as well as peak bodies such as the Municipal Association of Victoria, Victorian Local Governance Association and LGPro.

The ESC will also regularly consult with a sector panel established by the Minister for Local Government.

Further to this first round of consultations, ESC will release a draft report in July 2015 and councils and other interested parties will be invited to comment. A final report along with draft guidance material will be provided to the Minister for Finance and Minister for Local Government by 31 October 2015.

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A Fair Go Rates System for Victorians

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