Find out about how our cultural heritage places and objects are protected.

About heritage in Victoria

Learn about the heritage system in Victoria including the difference between Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Registration and Certificates

Discover what inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register means and how to get a certificate to verify whether or not your property is registered.


Permits help protect the important features of heritage places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Historical archaeology

Historical archaeological sites are an irreplaceable record of the State's non-Indigenous settlement, growth and change.

Local government

These resources will help explain the role of local government in protecting heritage places and objects, and provide tools for local government staff to protect local heritage.

Maritime archaeology

These resources indicate the breadth of activity dedicated to preserving Victoria’s precious maritime history.

News and Events

Living Heritage

21 October 2015

A new initiative is providing a snapshot of the condition of the state's heritage.

Audit Toolkit

21 October 2015

Heritage Victoria is developing 'toolkits' for Heritage audits.

Wreck anniversary

14 October 2015

Divers will have the opportunity to visit one of Victoria's significant shipwrecks over two weekends near the 150th anniversary of the collision which led to its sinking.

Page last reviewed on 20 July 2015

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