Search Victoria's heritage places and objects

You can search for places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Database.

Note that the database includes information about heritage places and objects:

  • on the Victorian Heritage Register
  • classified by the National Trust
  • included in the Victorian War Heritage inventory
  • covered by a local government Heritage Overlay (if the local council has made this information available).

You can also find places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register through the Vic Heritage app.

The Victorian Heritage Register lists the State's most significant heritage places and objects.

  • Heritage places can include buildings, trees, parks and gardens, streetscapes, archaeological sites, cemeteries, precincts, shipwrecks and structures such as bandstands.
  • Heritage objects can include furniture, shipwrecks, relics, archaeological artefacts, equipment, transport vehicles and everyday articles that contribute to an understanding of Victoria's history.

Who decides what is listed on the Register?

The Heritage Council of Victoria determines what places and objects are included.The Heritage Council has a registration process (PDF, 59.8 KB, 1 p.) for adding a place or object to the Register. We only add places and objects of significance to Victoria. This means they must be important to understanding the history of Victoria.

Can I nominate a place or object to be listed on the Register?

Yes. We welcome nominations.

Nominate a place for the Victorian Heritage Register

How are owners consulted?

We seek the views of the owner before adding a place or object to the Register.

If a place or object is recommended, we provide a report to the owners. This includes:

  • a statement of cultural heritage significance
  • a proposed extent of registration
  • proposed activities that may not require a permit.

Owners may comment on the proposed registration.

Page last reviewed on 24 April 2015

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