Victorian Heritage Inventory

The Heritage Inventory is a listing of all known historical (non-Indigenous) archaeological sites in Victoria.

While there are over 6,800 sites listed on the Heritage Inventory, it is not a comprehensive list as large parts of the State have not had an archaeological survey. 

Heritage Inventory sites, as well as sites that have yet to be discovered, are protected under the Victorian Heritage Act 1995. If you are planning to do any subsurface works, or other activities that may affect the archaeology on your site, it may be necessary to obtain a Consent from Heritage Victoria. 

To see if a site is on the Heritage Inventory, or Heritage Register, you can look at our online map.

Heritage Certificates

If you have received a Heritage Certificate identifying that the property is included on the Heritage Inventory (for example H7822-1209), that means that any subsurface works, or other activities, that may affect the archaeology on your site may require prior Consent from Heritage Victoria. 

Consents and your Heritage Inventory site

Find out more about Consents, including forms and a schedule of fees, for proposed works to an Heritage Inventory site.

Information on sites included on the Heritage Inventory can be found through the Victorian Heritage Database. Note that the database also includes information on places and objects which may be on the Victorian Heritage Register, the Victorian War Heritage Inventory and classification by the National Trust (both non-statutory listings), and in some cases the local government Heritage Overlay.    

The consultant and contractor directory lists people who are qualified to undertake archaeological investigations, which can include everything from completing an Application for Consent to excavating your property.

If you have any queries, please contact Heritage Victoria's Archaeology Team at or (03) 9208 3333.

Page last reviewed on 7 October 2014

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