Heritage buildingCertificates identify the current heritage status of a property and are available to all members of the public.

How can I find out if a particular place is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register?

If you want to find this out for interest, you can search online for a property by its name and/or address in the Victorian Heritage Register found on the Victorian Heritage Database. If it is a registered property, the record will appear with a Victorian Heritage Register number, for example H1234.

If you need to determine heritage status for legal purposes, such as conveyancing, you can apply for a heritage certificate to identify the current status of the property, not only whether or not it is registered, but also whether it has been nominated or is being considered.

Will a Heritage Certificate show me all heritage matters affecting a property?

Not always. Many places are protected at the local level under the heritage overlay to the relevant planning scheme. A heritage certificate will not reveal local government heritage interest in a property. You should check with the relevant council or you could check online at Planning Maps Online.

How do I apply for a Heritage Certificate?

You can apply at Heritage Certificates Online.

You will need enough details to identify the property in question (address, title particulars), and you will need a credit card to make the payment of $55.76.

In most cases your certificate will be available to download immediately. In a very few cases it might need to be processed manually and may take a few days.

As of 1 July 2015, manual forms and cheque payments are no longer accepted.

What does a heritage certificate tell me?

It answers all the following questions about a place or object

  • Is it on the Victorian Heritage Register?
  • If it is not on the Register, has an application been made to put it on?
  • Is it currently under consideration for inclusion on the Register?
  • Is it subject to an Interim Protection Order?
  • Is the place included in the Heritage Inventory of places and objects of potential archaeological significance?
  • Is there a repair order in force for a place or object already on the Register?
  • Is there an Order of the Supreme Court in force to remedy or restrain a breach of the Heritage Act 1995?
  • Is it within a World Heritage Environs Area?

Page last reviewed on 27 June 2016

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