How to apply for a permit

You need a permit or permit exemption from Heritage Victoria for anything which alters a heritage place or object on the Victorian Heritage Register.


1. Check you need a permit

Contact Heritage Victoria to find out whether your works require a permit. This is important because you may be eligible for a permit exemption.

2. Get advice from Heritage Victoria before applying

If a permit is required, a pre-application meeting will save you time in preparing your application and increase its chance of being approved first time.

Send preliminary documents associated with the proposed works to We will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your application.

3. Read the permit application instructions

Download the Permit Application Instructions (DOC 162.5 KB)

4. Complete the permit application

Fill out the Permit Application Form (DOC 457.5 KB). Please be sure to complete every field because applications cannot be accepted if there is information missing on the form.

5. Check you have included everything

Our Permit Application Checklist (DOC 121.0 KB) is a checklist of documents required to assess the works proposed. You must provide these documents with the application before we can begin assessing the application.

Make sure you complete the Owner and Applicant Declaration, which is part of the application form.

Make sure you also include:

  • a current Certificate of Title for a Heritage Place. To be considered 'current' the certificate of title supplied must be dated within 30 days of the date the application is lodged
  • a Heritage Impact Statement. This should clearly demonstrate (to the Executive Director Heritage Victoria and other interested parties) that in developing your proposal you have addressed its potential impacts on the cultural heritage significance of the place. See the guidelines: Heritage Impact Statements (DOC 103.5 KB)

6. Lodge your application

We encourage you to lodge your application via email to This will be acknowledged by return email.

If your application includes large files, consider sending them in multiple emails or posting them on a CD. You can also post applications to Heritage Victoria, PO Box 2392, Melbourne 3001.

7. Pay your application fee. Refer schedule of application fees

We will not process your application until payment is received. Please ensure that your permit application form includes the receipt number and date in the lodgement section as this enables us to confirm your payment. Applications that do not include these details will be returned.

Permit application fees (DOC 87.0 KB) can be paid by BPAY, POST Billpay or at Australia Post shops (by Cash, Cheque or Debit Card Only).

Please note that fees may be waived in the following instances:

  • Conservation works such as repair, restoration or reconstruction
  • Pensioners who carry out works to their own homes.

Summary of what to provide when applying for a permit

  • A permit application form signed by the owner and applicant with completed receipt number and date details
  • A current copy of title (obtained no more than 30 days ago)
  • Documents setting out the works proposed: see checklist above
  • A Heritage Impact Statement.

Page last reviewed on 1 July 2016

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