Currently advertised permits

The Executive Director has requested the following permit applications be publicly advertised.

Anyone can submit a comment/representation about the application for the next 14 days from the date of advertising.

All submissions will be treated as a public document. By providing a submission you consent to its release to third parties as required by the Executive Director, in order to assist with the decision making process. Please note any written submission should clearly state the reasons for which it is being made. Signatories to petitions will not be considered as individual objectors.

When determining permit applications, under s73 of the Heritage Act (1995) the Executive Director must consider the extent to which the proposal affects the cultural heritage significance of the registered place. He or she must also consider the extent to which the application, if refused, would affect the reasonable or economic use of the registered place, or cause undue financial hardship to the owner in relation to that place. Matters such as change of use, car parking, or other planning issues are not able to be considered unless they would result in an adverse impact upon the significance of the registered place.

Submissions may be emailed to or posted to Heritage Victoria, PO Box 500, Melbourne, VIC 8002.

Due to the volume of submissions received, acknowledgments will not be sent.

VHR1009 Desbrowe Annear House

Permit application P25963 to construct a two-storey studio/workshop/store to the north of the existing dwelling.

Submissions are due by 21 December 2016. 

VHR0970 Former Primary School, Queensberry Street Carlton

Permit application P25071 to undertake demolition works, alterations and additions including the construction of a DDA-compliant ramp to the childcare centre entrance, a bin and pram store and a new lift and stair to the rear of the building, and internal alterations and refurbishment works.

Submissions are due by 14 December 2016. 

VHR2359 St Kilda Road

Permit application P25649 to undertake tree removal, kerb and guttering removal, tram line realignment and the alteration of the functional road layout in preparation for the construction of the Metro Tunnel Project

Submissions are due by 14 December 2016. 

VHR1114 Johnstone Park

Permit application P25917 for the construction of a tiered rain garden in the eastern section of the park

Submissions are due by 17 December 2016. 

VHR2027 Former Brunswick Gas & Coke Company Retort House

Permit application P25683 to construct a covered pergola structure, shipping container service bar and bench seating and tables in the forecourt of the building.

Submissions are due by 7 December 2016. 

VHR2198 Royal Parade

Permit application P25650 to undertake utility relocation and the removal of four trees in preparation for the construction of the Metro Tunnel Project.

Submissions are due by 7 December 2016. 

VHR1083 Flinders Street Railway Station Complex

Permit application P24733 for refurbishment and conservation works to the male and female toilets in the Elizabeth Street Subway; relocation of the female toilets into the male toilets space and vice versa and the reopening of the original stair access from Platform 1.

Submissions are due by 7 December 2016. 

VHR1872 Former Mont Park Hospital

Permit application P24383 for internal and external works to terraces 1 and 2 for use as an educational facility.

Submissions are due by 7 December 2016. 

VHR1291 St Vincent Place Precinct (No. 2)

Permit application P19187 to replace some existing windows with double glazed timber windows faced with aluminium.

Submissions are due by 7 December 2016. 

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