From the Deep

3 January 2017

The exhibition, 'From the Deep', includes 150 items from seven shipwrecks and was first mounted at the Mission for Seafarers in June and then at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning stand at the Coast to Coast conference at the MCG in August.

You can browse the exhibition at Google Cultural Institute

The pop-up installation was funded through the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Program, and photographed by Heritage Victoria's Martin Zweep for Google Cultural Institute.

An evocative first class dining setting, bathed in blue light to simulate an underwater setting, forms the  pop-up installation which it is hoped to present at venues around the state.

The artefacts include a table (which underwent extensive conservation at the Conservation Centre laboratory) on a special mount, with crockery, tumblers, platter cover, wine bottle, ceramic jar from the SS City of Launceston.  There are etched liqueur glasses from the Fiji; cutlery, a cruet set, sauce bottle, oil bottle, fluted pickle jar from the Loch Ard; a glass vase and champagne bottle from the PS Clonmel; candlesticks from the Sacramento, and serving spoons from the SS Cheviot and a ceramic ladle from Light of the Age.

You can find out more about each of the shipwrecks through the Victorian Heritage Database
Select Shipwrecks in the search panel or use the Advanced Shipwreck Search.

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