Regional Victoria

The products and research papers below cover regional Victoria issues, including demographic trends and population change; population mobility, migration and settlement patterns; environmental issues; and economic trends in employment and regional economic development.

To view our 2011 Census products, please visit the 2011 Census area on our pages.

Population projections

Victoria in Future is the Victorian Government's official population and household projections.


Towns in Time provides summary Census data from 1981 to 2011 for Victorian towns.

The Victorian Population Bulletin is an annual publication that provides a valuable snapshot on population change and the drivers behind that change.

Research reports

  • Attraction and Retention (2016) (PDF 1.1 MB) or (DOC 1.4 MB) summarises the findings of a 3-year Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project (LP120100212). The research uses longitudinal and survey-based data to gain insights into migration pathways and potential return migration.
  • The Youth Migration Study (2009) examines the choices of young adults as they make locational decisions to undertake university study. The research provides a better understanding of the movement of young adults between regional Victoria and Melbourne.

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